Urinary Problems

Common Symptoms of Urinary Problems

Urinary problems can be distressing and often embarrassing for men and women alike. An infection of the bladder and urinary tract often leads to discomfort and the need for frequent, painful urination. In men, enlargement of the prostate can also cause frequent urination, with difficulty in starting, and leakage. In women, leakage of urine (incontinence) is a common urinary problem with a variety of causes.

Frequent symptoms of a urinary problem include:

  • Burning with urination - the most common symptom of a urinary tract infection.
  • Frequent urge to urinate without the ability to pass a desired amount of urine (frequency).
  • Urgent need to urinate (urgency).
  • Feeling of incompletely emptying of your bladder.
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria). Your urine may look red, brown, or pink. Blood in the urine may occur after exercise, such as running or bicycling.
  • Leaking urine (incontinence)

Our physicians will work with you to establish a treatment regimen for your specific urological condition. Tests will be run to determine an exact diagnosis. Common tests for urinary problems include urinalysis, urine culture, CT/Urogram, cystoscopy, ultrasound, and urodynamics.

There are a wide range of treatments depending on the cause of your urinary problem. Treatments range from oral medication to surgery.